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Sa., 16. Jan.


Zoom Online Workshop


English Online Class-Become a Sound Healer

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16. Jan. 2021, 16:00 – 17. Jan. 2021, 21:00

Zoom Online Workshop

Über die Veranstaltung


Medical Doctor, Sound Therapist and Yoga Therapist Alizz (Lisa Schuster)  will guide you through the knowledge about Sound. Early in her medical  studies she suffered from a chronic pain syndrome which left her feeling  powerless as the Western Medicine didn’t have answers to her dis-ease.  Eventually she started looking for other possibilities to find healing.  That’s when she discovered music and sound which had a powerful impact  in her healing journey.

The course includes subjects like: SOUND MEDITATION & SOUND HEALING

* What is Sound Meditation, Sound Therapy & Sound Healing? What is the difference?

* What are Crystal Sound Bowls and Tibetian Bowls and how do they work?

* Take care of your instruments

* How to meditate with Sound and developing a daily routine

* How Chakras and Sound are related

* How the glands in the body and Sound are related

* The Power of Intentions

* How to use the voice in your Sound Sessions

* When shouldn’t I use Sound?

* Learn to play a range of instruments & how differentiate your sessions by combining sound with guided self-reflection and meditations


* Why Sound has been used for thousands of years and why it is so powerful

* How Sounds effect the body, mind and spirit

* Brainwave States and the Science of Listening

* Nervous System explained and how Sound affects it

* Deep Listening as a Meditation Practice

* The relationship of quantum, cells and emotions

* The physical and mental benefits of Sound Therapy

* Research results discussions


* Playing Techniques

* What are harmonic sounds? How loud should I play?

* How do I create a balancing and relaxing soundscape?

* Exploring the voice through exercises

* Training to give and receive Sound Healing sessions (on each other)

* Humming exercises

* Exploring the power of Mantras


* How to create a safe space for healing and transformation?

* How should I prepare myself before playing the bowls (state of mind, intentions, health)


* Which microphones options are available?

* Which platform options are available (Zoom, Instagram, YouTube, facebook etc.)?

* Which settings do you need for each option?

* useful tips


* training and guidance with all the knowledge about Sound Healing

* manual with detailed infos

* materials and resources

* Sound Meditation Certificate (by MD Lisa Schuster)

* Individual follow-up within 4 weeks after the course is finished

You don’t need any instruments in advance for this online course.

Bring just yourself and your energy or if you already own therapy instruments bring them along!

You will get the certificate of completion after you gathered 7 personal Sound Healing Sessions that you conducted with either groups or family/friends, private clients and afterwards described which way of approach you held.


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