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Sa., 28. Aug.


Traum München

Free Event: Mindful Storytelling - Initiation

Join us for story telling around a "campfire" – something we understand the value of now!

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Free Event: Mindful Storytelling - Initiation
Free Event: Mindful Storytelling - Initiation

Zeit & Ort

28. Aug. 2021, 15:00 – 18:30

Traum München, Amalienstraße 65, 80799 München, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

While  the actual locations can vary, the group will recreate the warmth and  cosiness of meeting around a bonfire and telling stories and poems. The  narrative can range from folk stories, fairy tales, and sections of  epics of old such as Gilgamesh, Norse tales, The Illiad, The Odyssey,  Shahnameh, Mahabharat etc.

Stories from different cultures and  time periods will be recited first and then discussed depending upon  interest. While the primary languages will be English and German, usage  of others is welcome based on context. To complement the stories, food  from around the world will be shared.

Mindfulness practice will  start the meetings to ensure worries are left behind, and attention is  brought to the present. Eclectic sharing in keeping with the theme can  also be put on the agenda of the meetings.

Die Gruppe stellt die  Wärme und Gemütlichkeit eines Lagerfeuers nach, an dem Geschichten und  Gedichte erzählt werden. Die Erzählungen können aus Volksmärchen,  Märchen und Abschnitten aus alten Epen wie Gilgamesch, nordischen Sagen,  der Illias, der Odyssee, dem Shahnameh, Mahabharat usw. stammen.

Zu  Beginn der Treffen wird eine Achtsamkeitsübung durchgeführt, um  sicherzustellen, dass die Sorgen hinter sich gelassen werden und die  Aufmerksamkeit auf die Gegenwart gerichtet ist.

We will discuss at this starting event the format of the activities.  Introductions and desires/expectations will be shared. A brief  introduction to the practice of meditation will follow. We will share on  the role and importance of storytelling.

The meeting indoor needs  to be restricted to 12 participants due to COVID restrictions - they  are expected to be revised shortly before the meeting, and while hoping  for a further relaxation, can't count on it. The venue has cushions and  floor mats available - however due to the same restrictions they won't  be utilized at present. Feel free to bring your own mats/cushions or we  can always use the chairs available at the venue.

Please RSVP  attending if you seriously intend to attend, and if something comes up  please revise at least 48 hrs before the event to allow others the place  instead. Thanks ! If you would want to bring someone along feel free,  and we will try to accommodate up to the limit. Feel free to contact me  directly in case of queries, needed information etc.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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